Flying Field

We have a new location! We’ve just moved South about a quarter mile at the end of 650 West (see map below).

Our new 385 x 72 ft. runway is now fully covered in GeoTex and can accommodate planes of most sizes.

The South Davis Modelers flying site is located on the west side of Legacy Highway between Centerville and Farmington in Davis County, Utah.

To get to our site, take the Centerville Parrish Ln. exit, then turn North on E. Veterans Memorial Hwy. for about a mile. Then, turn west on 925 South, and finally, turn south on 650 West and continue until you reach the end of the road.

Tasks to be Completed

Here’s a list of working tasks left to be done on (or around) the flying field:

  1. Weeding and spraying. Priorities are to constantly clear the weeds around the runway, within the rocks on the East side; under the sign; and within the infield, shed, etc. where necessary.
  2. Lay additional astroturf in pit/infield/runway areas. See Mike for details on placement.
  3. Cut the legs on a single table to see if shorter tables are better. See Mike for details.
  4. Work on replacing the deteriorating spool tables with end-table/benches made with our spare wood. See Mike for details.
  5. Continue orange fencing line from South end of parking lot all the way North, leaving in gaps for access. (We’ll work on this after we get the rest of the astroturf placed within the pits/infield.)
  6. Re-apply white runway lines (either paint or tape). Discuss with Mike/Neil.